VISION & mission statement

Time for Speech


Time for Speech is a pediatric speech therapy clinic located in Anchorage, Alaska. We offer pediatric speech and language therapy services. Our therapists are enthusiastic about providing children, families and physicians with the utmost quality of services available.

 4401 Business Park Blvd. N-26

Anchorage, Alaska 99503


Why ChooSE

Our clinic

  1. Certified speech pathologist
  2. individual & group therapy
  3. full range of services
  4. bilingual therapy services
  5. we accept the following insurance: 
    1. Medicaid/denali kid care
    2. ​Tricare
    3. ​Blue Cross Blue Shield

​​Please Contact the Clinic for additional carriers

To provide children with outstanding services, allowing them to achieve their greatest potential.

Time for Speech Pediatric Speech Therapy LLC was established to provide families with a unique option for their child’s speech and language therapy needs. Our clinic was founded on the belief that all children are different and require goals that are important to each individual child. When a family chooses Time for Speech, they will receive services from an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist who will provide the most up to date therapy procedures and techniques along with a variety of therapy materials to make therapy fun and effective.

We will do our best to help your child reach their communication potential!

-Kathleen Morgan M.Ed., CCC-SLP